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This is a free community to offer you access to :

  • Live Sessions when Offered
  • Access to Pre-recorded Practices
  • Community Discussions & Support
  • Master Classes when offered
  • Bonus Opportunities Throughout the Year

This is a space for you to explore somatic practices, coaching, community support from previous and current clients (as well as Erin), and to access the work we offer at PeaceLoveandBubbly.

Shadow Alchemy Community

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  • Why Offer a Free Community?

    My intention with PeaceLoveandBubbly and the work that I do is to offer women access to support, knowledge and skills on their healing journey. I know that finances can sometimes be a burden to access these and this is one way I can offer access to this knoweledge and support.

  • Can I leave the community?

    Yes. You are not required to remain a member of the community if you do not want to be here. If you have any trouble leaving please contact us at: peaceloveandbubbly@gmail.com.

  • Can I share my business, podcast, or other social media in the community?

    This community is intended for members, past clients, and current clients to be able to support one another on their healing journey. This is not a space to promote your own business, podcase, or social media pages. If this information is posted it will be removed.