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Erin Stump


Erin spent decades being quiet, hating her body, and suffocating the magic that resides inside of her. When she chose to throw away the "good girl" society expected her to be, she freed myself from the patriarchal ropes meant to bind. Embracing her truest self has been one of the most difficult journeys she has have taken. It has also been the most beautiful. Through this journey Erin realized her purpose is to shine her candlelight of weird. She is a Spiritual Alchemist, Shadow Worker, and Energy Worker. She is here to help other women feel safe to shed their own chains, to explore their shadows, and to show up in life with their messiness, chaos and magic. Erin wants all women to feel safe to live the life they desire, to dress how they want to dress, to speak their truth, and to share their magic with the world. Erin has been practicing Reiki since January 2019. She chose to start offereing Reiki as an additional way for her clients to explore their healing. This is truly how she started down the path to working with Somatic Practices as she desires to help her clients truly heal through the mind/body connection. She holds ceritifcations in Wellness Life Coaching, Reiki Master/Teacher and Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher, and Yoga Nidra.

Client Testimonials

“"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole program, but I think that the yoga nidra was my favorite part. I'll be revisiting that for sure!! I connected with a part of myself I had lost along the way, and being reminded and brought back to EARTH was incredible."”

Hailey, Align With Nature

“"That's one of the biggest pieces of beauty in Erin's program creation, she has a way of designing content that is always there for you, to revisit, to come back home to, two or fifty times. As I change, so does the work that I get to do within her structured concepts. I'm so grateful to invest in self-growth in a way that I know will continue to move with me, however my life keeps moving to."”


“"With this round, I would like to share. That it is okay to be selfish and ask for help when needed. If it wasn't for this program or you Erin I wouldn't have put myself first and left a job I hated to working at a new job that i love."”

Stephanie, Cut the Cords

“"I had not realized how the masks that were protecting me in my youth, were keeping my life small as I aged, by preventing me from taking risks that could expand my heart, relationships, education and finances. When I began sharing my feedback with Erin, I had not expected her genuine investment and joy in my self-discovery."”



  • Refund Policy?

    If you have completed less than 20% of the course you purchase and are not satisfied we will provide a full refund. If you have completed more than 20% of your course and request a refund we will reveiw your account. If accepted we will provide a 50% refund.

  • How long do I have access to my courses?

    If you purchase The Somatics Community you will have access for 365 days from the purchase date. All other digital courses are lifetime access and include all updates.

  • Do I have to complete my course in a set amount of time?

    All digital courses are self-paced. While we do have some content set in a drip release you are not required to complete it in that time frame. Each course is created for you to work at whatever pace feels best to you.

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