What is Combined Modalities?

A combined modalities session allows us to take 2 different healing modalities (i.e. Yoga Nidra and Reiki) and create a session where we utilize both of these forms together to maximize the benefits of each during your session.

During her time working in this field Erin noticed there was something missing.  She always felt like there needed to be a way to bring this work into the physical body.  Through her continued learning and exploration, she created her first Combined Modalities offer, Reiki-Nidra. 

Combining different modalities in mental, physical, and spiritual healing has provided a connection between the energetic and physical body.  Erin knows that this piece is so important to truly integrate and embody the work her clients are doing in their sessions.  

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EFT Coaching

What is it?

The newest addition to the combined modalities offers is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Coaching. 

This session will combine life coaching, EFT Tapping and Breathwork. EFT Tapping works with your meridians as you tap on distinct points on the body. 

The purpose of EFT Coaching is to help you get to the source of the blockage or issue, to clear or release it, and to integrate the shift. 

This session works similarly to Reiki-Nidra; however, it is built to help you process the shift in a faster and more complete manner. 

Erin will be your guide throughout this session as you explore the connections to what you need most, work through the EFT Tapping Sequences and complete the session with Breathwork to ground back into your body. 

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What Is It?

Reiki is holistic in its approach and works with the energetic, physical, and emotional aspects of the individual to address imbalances on all levels. Since Reiki is an energy, it can transcend time and space. This is why a virtual distance reiki session is just as effective as an in-person session.  

Yoga Nidra is the yoga of sleep.  It is a meditative experience that is intended to put your body into a state between wakefulness and sleeping.  This state can provide a powerful space to set intentions and create the opportunity for change in your life.

Combining Yoga Nidra and Reiki allows your body to achieve a resting state physically while being alert and aware mentally.  Achieving this state prior to beginning your Reiki session allows your body to receive the benefits of this energy in a deeper way.  

All sessions will take place virtually via Zoom.  We will spend approximately 15 to 20 minutes at the beginning of each session discussing what your needs are for your session, any pain or discomfort you are having, and any specific work you desire to focus on during the session. Erin will use this information to set the intention for your session and the Reiki Energy.

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Virtual Tarot Reading

Erin offers a 30-Minute Virtual Reading or a Year Ahead Tarot Reading. 

Erin uses Tarot as an intuitive tool to offer insights, clarity and guidance to her clients. 

All Sessions are provided via Zoom. 

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Client Testimonials

“After having both in-person and distance reiki sessions with tarot card readings, I can tell you that Erin is the real deal. While I've enjoyed my in-person sessions, I highly recommend her distance reiki sessions along with a tarot card reading. She's always spot on, very in tune, and this is some of the best energy work I've ever received. If you're wanting healing and insight, these sessions are the way to go. I feel amazing after each session, and it is incredibly luxurious to have such quality work done from the comfort of your own home.”

Sephora Jacob, LMT

“Even though I have driven 8 hours to receive services from Erin for myself and my daughter, I do love that she is just one phone call or video session away from helping me, help myself, through life! Your variety of services and prices is a huge plus 😃”

Brittany Taylor

“"I've utilized Erin's Yoga Nidra course before, but recently did the Yoga Nidra with my Reiki session. She does a wonderful job leading you into a place of relaxation, calm and openness, which made me feel the benefits of reiki even stronger than usual! Will be continuing to have her do these sessions with me!"”


“"Erin is absolutely amazing! 5 stars isn't enough. I've done multiple different services with her and I come out of all of them feeling wonderful! Recently we have been doing a course of '5 EFT sessions'. We just finished my 4th session and have already completed every goal/intention I set at the very first one! Her way of channeling and the messages she gives you will change your life for the better. When you start seeing Erin be ready for all the good things to start coming your way."”


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  • Can anyone try a Combined Modalities Session?

    Unfortunately, if you have a pacemaker you cannot receive Reiki as the energetic work may interfere with the device.

  • How long is a typical session?

    The timing of a session is dependent on what service you are choosing. They range anywhere from 30 minutes to 180 minutes.

  • Can you Guarantee the outcome?

    Due to the nature of energy work we cannot guarantee the benefits or outcomes of your sessions. Energy work is very specific to each individual and your body will use the energy for whatever it needs.

  • Do you offer in-person sessions?

    At this time all services are offered virtually via zoom.

  • Do you accept Insurance?

    No I do not accept insurance