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When we come into alignment with who we are and what we truly desire it is natural for our closet, clothing, and style to feel stagnant or unaligned.  During her own healing journey Erin worked through the process of clearing out her closet, building a new wardrobe that she loves and using this tool as a magical form of self-expression.

Alchemy Styling is built on the basis of supporting her clients on their healing journey through shadow work, energy work, coaching, tarot, somatic practices and beyond. Bringing in the option to utilize clothing as a tool of self-expression and creation was the next step in her offers.

Erin will be working with clients to clear out their closets, create a level of organization that supports them, helping them learn to work with the clothes they own and create a style to embody who they are in the present, and even build in pieces to focus on who they desire to become.

There are currently 3 ways to work with Erin for styling services:

  • The Moon Closet Cleanse
  • Goddess Wardrobe
  • The Alchemist Uplevel

You can schedule The Moon Closet Cleanse or Goddess Wardrobe via the link above.

If you want to book The Alchemist Uplevel sign up for the mailing list at the bottom of the page to get notified when it opens for enrollment.

Combined Modalities

What Is It?

A combined modalities session allows us to take 2 different healing modalities (i.e. Yoga Nidra and Reiki) and create a session where we utilize both of these forms together to maximize the benefits of each during your session. 

Combining Yoga Nidra and Reiki allows your body to achieve a resting state physically while being alert and aware mentally.  Achieving this state prior to beginning your Reiki session allows your body to receive the benefits of this energy in a deeper way.  

All sessions will take place virtually via Zoom.  We will spend approximately 15 to 20 minutes at the beginning of each session discussing what your needs are for your session, any pain or discomfort you are having, and any specific work you desire to focus on during the session. Erin will use this information to set the intention for your session and the Reiki Energy.

Schedule Your Session Via the Link Above

Virtual Tarot Reading

Erin offers a 30-Minute Virtual Reading or a Year Ahead Tarot Reading. 

Erin uses Tarot as an intuitive tool to offer insights, clarity and guidance to her clients. 

All Sessions are provided via Zoom. 

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Virtual Group Classes

Erin knows that finances can often be a burden to access this work. 

To ensure that this work is accessible there are some group classes available at a very affordable price. 

These classes are focused on meditation and energy work. 

To Enroll click here

Client Testimonials

“After having both in-person and distance reiki sessions with tarot card readings, I can tell you that Erin is the real deal. While I've enjoyed my in-person sessions, I highly recommend her distance reiki sessions along with a tarot card reading. She's always spot on, very in tune, and this is some of the best energy work I've ever received. If you're wanting healing and insight, these sessions are the way to go. I feel amazing after each session, and it is incredibly luxurious to have such quality work done from the comfort of your own home.”

Sephora Jacob, LMT

“Even though I have driven 8 hours to receive services from Erin for myself and my daughter, I do love that she is just one phone call or video session away from helping me, help myself, through life! Your variety of services and prices is a huge plus 😃”

Brittany Taylor

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  • Can anyone try a Combined Modalities Session?

    Unfortunately, if you have a pacemaker you cannot receive Reiki as the energetic work may interfere with the device.

  • How long is a typical session?

    The timing of a session is dependent on what service you are choosing. They range anywhere from 30 minutes to 180 minutes. The Alchemist Uplevel is a 90 day commitment and only opens a few times a year.

  • Can you Guarantee the outcome of Reiki?

    Due to the nature of energy work we cannot guarantee the benefits or outcomes of your sessions. Energy work is very specific to each individual and your body will use the energy for whatever it needs.

  • Do you offer in-person sessions?

    At this time all services are offered virtually via zoom. There will be limited spaces available for the alchemy stylist services in-person in the Denver Metro Area Only.

  • Do you accept Insurance?

    No I do not accept insurance